How it all began...

 In 1988 Nicki Davis and a few generous volunteers adopted one family to bring the spirit of Christmas to their door.

Taking along Santa for the ride and delivering his sack full of toys and clothes for a little girl and her siblings.

Upon their arrival the little girl threw her arms around a jolly fellow in a big red suit!


 “Santa I knew you wouldn’t forget me….last year I waited and waited and you didn’t come” she cried.


 This true story inspired the mission and The Joy of Giving was born.

Little girl sitting by window with present

30 Years Later

Still going strong our 501 (C) (3) charitable non-profit organization now reaches 1000 children every year sharing the spirit of Christmas.

We are proud to say that 100% of all donations are used to purchase gifts for the children.

Every other aspect of this organization is provided by in-kind donors for operational support with supplies, postage, website and volunteers.

Time is spent working with local schools and various social service organizations to finalize Santa’s list!

With your gift children receive self-esteem hope and love as they share tales of new shoes, clothes and toys because Santa came to their house too!

One day in December parents shop at Walmart with a wish list from their child.

A rewarding day for all as the flurry of volunteers work with parents to provide a magical holiday for the entire family.


We need your help!

Our goal for 2018 is to provide each child with $100 in gifts.

$25.00 provides a toy for one child

$75.00 provides clothing and shoes for one child

$100.00 provides a bicycle/helmet/lock for a child

$600.00 provides bikes, toys and clothing for a family

$1000.00 enables us to provide assistance for 10 children

All donations are welcome and will assist in making wishes come true


Please help us reach our goal of assisting 1000 children for December 2018 by clicking on the donation link below….

We wish you and your family a healthy and blessed holiday season!

Child Opening a Present

The Real Joy of Giving

I saw God today

In the eyes of a child and the heart of a man as volunteers streamed in with outstretched hands.

 I saw God today

When love walked through the doors their energy so big — Santa & Mrs. Claus!

I saw God today

As we shopped with an angel — little time left on earth, seven years only has it been since her birth.

I saw God today

When 20 feet away stood the store manager his position most days

Today it was different tears in his eyes, and our 3 second connection my tears replied.

It was here I had witnessed God’s presence is love contagious everywhere around and above.

God was there in all we could see

Elf’s they were called

The head one Misty!

Today was the joy for the young and the old

Angels gave gifts but most for the soul!


A poem written by Nicki Davis

Make a donation

The Joy of Giving has been operating in Collier County for 30 years with every penny donated going directly to the children it serves. All administration costs are covered with countless volunteer hours and in-kind donations. Please consider giving locally to help brighten the life of a child this holiday season.